You could be fined $1000 and 4 points, with double demerits if fined again in the same year.

Caintech Installation supplies and installs genuine hands free kits. Bluetooth and charging cradles are both available depending on your phone make and model. All wiring and cabling is secured with the vehicles wiring system to ensure the system operates reliably.

Get your hands free kit installed by Caintech

Create a safe and convenient driving experience by installing the latest compatible bluetooth technology for your phone. Your Caintech technician can offer advice on the options available for your phone. Contact us today.

Please remember Genuine hands free kit warranties are only valid if the installation is performed by an experienced technician. Antennas are NOT included with a standard hands free kit and are only optional on certain charging systems.

Mounting Brackets for "no holes" custom installation A variety of different styles of brackets are available depending on your requirements and budget. Simple black coated metal brackets provide an economical option. The metal brackets can be dash or console mounted depending on the vehicle. The Clic On ® bracket is a dash mounting bracket available for most vehicle makes.

High Gain Antennas As antennas are not a standard addition in a hands free kit, Caintech can provide this option for you. Our technicians hold stock of high gain antennas (essential for vehicles travelling in remote areas).

Radio Mute To alleviate adjusting the radio volume when the phone rings, radio mute is an affordable option. When the phone rings or you attempt to make a call, the stereo noise is turned off temporarily until your call is completed. If the stereo in your vehicle is preset to accept radio muting, the option can be connected free of charge at the time of the hands free kit installation - your technician can advise you if this is possible. If the vehicle's stereo does not have this option, a radio mute relay can be purchased from your Caintech technician.

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